Vocational Services The goal of Vocational Case Management is to achieve a successful return to work of the injured or disabled employee. BHN employs skilled vocational consultants who are trained to coordinate and deliver a wide range of vocational services in a cost-effective manner. The vocational consultant works closely with the employee, treating physician and employer to develop and implement a comprehensive, individualized vocational plan.

BHN offers a wide range of services that aid in the expedient resolution of employment issues:

Industrial Consulting
BHN vocational consultants offer services to employers to facilitate the medically stable worker with temporary or permanent restrictions to return to productive employment.

BHN takes pride in assisting employers achieve successful outcomes by providing alternative vocational solutions for return to work:

ADA Consulting
Employee education and counseling
Job analysis and job descriptions
Job modification
Job restructuring
Return to work programs
Vocational Case Management
Workplace safety

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